Community engagement for the draft The Basin Triangle Masterplan was undertaken throughout June and July 2022.

Community engagement activities

Community engagement activities included:

Community feedback

We received a high number of responses around 2 common themes, requesting that:

  • the playground remains in the existing location, with a mixture of similar ‘traditional’ equipment and some nature play be included as part of any future upgrade works
  • further consideration be made regarding the available car parking in and around The Basin Triangle

Meeting current and future needs

When asked to what extent the draft Masterplan meets the current and future needs of The Basin community the following responses were received.


"The Basin is a family friendly community and demolishing one of the only playgrounds in the area does not serve the children who reside here, and their families."

"The current playground is excellent and would be devastating to see it go. We chose to buy in The Basin because of that playground. Please add fencing around the playground and more trees for shade. That’s all that’s needed."

"Looks good. Will miss current playground but not enough shade in current setup."

"The new nature areas look great, I like that it has more seating and connects pedestrians, but the only reason I use the space (and subsequently go to the shops across the road) is because of the awesome playground."

Safety, accessibility and usability

When asked to what extent the proposed streetscape upgrades will improve the safety, accessibility and usability for pedestrians and cyclists the following responses were received:


"I’m concerned with the removal of the pedestrian traffic light crossing, with several young children, this is the only safe way to cross from the park to the shops."

"I am worried about lack of fencing around the play area which will be closer to a road. More parking is needed."

"I’m not seeing major change here."

"It gets very busy there on a weekend so any additional upgrades to improve safety would get my vote."

"I think the upgrades will improve safety, but I sure hope bikes won't be allowed to ride on the pathways within the park boundaries as the majority of people using this space have young children and to me that's a worse safety risk."

Accommodating events and recreation

When asked to what extent the proposed expansion of the central lawn area will better accomodate events and passive recreation the following responses were received:


"There is plenty of space on the grass area currently. For the very few days a year where there is an event, the space is sufficient."

"It may improve the park’s capacity for one or two events a year but there’s no carparks and playground is used weekly."

"I'm not sure this should be prioritised over a playground."

"We look forward to more events on a bigger scale. The extra room would be great for the carols."

"Perhaps will be better. Current lawn in front of amphitheatre has poor drainage."

Proposed nature based mountain themed playspace

When asked to what extent the proposed playspace will suit the site and the community the following responses were received:


"I have found that kids generally enjoy play equipment more (such as what exists already) than a nature-based play space. They can’t have a large playground in their backyard so it’s nice to get out and go to a park where they can use the community equipment."

"I like the idea of a nature-based plays space but think general play equipment is also important."

"We need a lot more shade in the areas children will play."

Next steps

Thank you to The Basin and surrounding community for sharing your thoughts and ideas on the draft Masterplan. We will commence work on revising the draft Basin Triangle Masterplan based on your feedback.

We are also about to commence work on The Basin Parking Management Plan over the coming months. As these two projects are closely linked, we will work with our Traffic & Transport Team to join our findings together and re-engage with the community once both projects are ready for consultation.