Community Engagement Activities

Community engagement activtities for the detailed concept of the Stud Park All Abilities playspace was undertaken throughout July and August 2022.

Community Feedback

The purpose of the third round of community consultation was to seek feedback from local residents and from those that use the playspace regularly about the detailed concept design. Participants were given the opportunity share their thoughts on a selection of equipment and proposed play elements and comment on any other aspects of the design they felt required further consideration.

The identified key themes were:

  • Diversity of ages - providing equipment that suits a range of ages (toddler to young teens)
  • Equitable use – providing a range of equipment that is suitable for people with diverse abilities
  • Safety – providing perimeter fencing and gates that are secure but accessible
  • Seating and socialisation – providing a variety of areas for people to congregate or spread out
  • Adult’s accessibility needs – for those who are supervising children in the playground, have use of BBQ or disability parking
  • Incorporate Indigenous cultural elements
  • Offer shade in the playground
  • Provide water play elements

Online Survey Results

Community members were given the opportunity to vote on five of their most preferred playground elements proposed in the detailed concept design.

The most preferred playground elements were:

Community members were also given the opportunity to provide feedback about other any other elements they'd like to see incoporated into the concept design.

The following provides a summary of some of the comments provided:

  • Another slide and more elements to climb on
  • Additional water play
  • Additional swings, particularly baby swings
  • More than one in-ground trampoline
  • More shade elements/structures
  • Health and fitness training station
  • Additional rubbish bins
  • More traditional playground equipment such as a seesaw

Pop Up Session Results

Three pop up sessions were held asking the same questions as the online survey. They were located at the playground, Stud Park Shopping Centre and Wellington Village Shopping Centre. Children were also given the opportunity to select their favourite equipment by placing a sticker on the image of the playground piece they most preferred.

The most preferred playground elements were:

Kindergarten Activity Results

Local kindergartens were provided with an activity pack which asked children to have their say on the equipment proposed for in the new Stud Park All Abilities Playspace.

The most preferred elements identified were:

Next Steps

Thank you to the community for sharing their thoughts and ideas on the detailed concept design for the Stud Park All Abilities playspace.

Based on the feedback received, we will refine some design elements before preparing the final plans. We will then commence the public tender process to appoint a contractor.