The village vibe themes links to our friendly neighbourhoods, where locals feel a strong sense of belonging and know people in the community.

These initiatives aims to enhance our community connectedness, celebrate Knox’s history and diverse culture.

Proposed village vibe initiatives include:

  • Friendly Train Stations Strategy: This initiative aims to transform our train stations into engaging activity hubs for our community and increase the sense of safety at these sites. Proposed short and long term initiatives are tiny bars, cafes, fitness facilities, co-working spaces, and commuter club rooms.
  • ‘What’s on Knox?’: Support the development of a new platform for businesses to promote their products, services and events to the community. This initiative involves setting up an organisation consisting of marketing professionals and writers to provide effective marketing support to business owners and organisation groups at an affordable cost.
  • Seasonal calendar of events: Program a calendar of events that highlight individual villages of Knox, and cultural diversity in our community.

Further information is available in the draft Retail Activation Strategy.