The easy life themes relates to the laid back lifestyle locals can enjoy in Knox. We can enjoy the best of city and country life, and have easy access to goods and services.

Easy initiatives are designed to enhance the convenient lifestyle in Knox, providing easy access to great retail experiences close to home.

Proposed easy life initiatives include:

  • Community owned retail and creative spaces: Support small businesses and protect creative and boutique industries by providing affordable rental options and alternative business ownership models. Affordable rental options will attract talent and businesses to Knox to strengthen our local economy in the lont term.
  • Fairs, bazaars, caravals, fêtes & markets: This involves opening our car parks to markets and events of all kinds. Proposed examples include food truck festivals at Tim Neville Arboretum car park, and farmers markets across Knox (pictured below).
  • Home-based Business Support Program: The emergence of home-based businesses in recent years, have diversified the retail landscape and become an important part of our local economy. Initiatives to help home-based businesses grow and flourish include street-side makers markets, stalls in retail strips, networking business events, and business upskilling opportunities.
  • Facade Upgrade Program: Business shopfronts are an integral part of our streetscapes, it is part of our local identity and connects with our community. We will work collaboratively with building owners to support building façade upgrades such as painting, signage, lighting and windows.

Further information is available in the draft Retail Activation Strategy.