Project update

Your experience with Council

How can we improve your experience with us?

We want to improve the experience you, our customers, have with Council. To understand your needs and priorities, we've done a lot of research into what you expect from us and what's important to you when dealing with Council.

With this understanding, we've drafted the new Our Customer Strategy, which will guide how we operate, make decisions and design our services for the community.

It identifies key areas to focus our efforts on, including providing customers with:

  • more ways to share feedback with us
  • more efficient ways to complete transactions with us online
  • our service delivery timeframes
  • consistency in how we deal with complaints
  • communicating the progress of requests and complaints

Before we proceed with these actions, we would like to check that the overarching direction and key elements align with your expectations, as a customer of Council.

Tell us if you think our strategic vision and customer promises are right by completing the survey below by 6 November 2022.

Council has many roles, each with obligations and responsibilities. Sometimes we cannot give a customer the outcome they desire. Sometimes an individual request clashes with our obligations to the community or our legal obligations. When this occurs, we need to spend time with customers to help them understand why.

We want to offer individual customers the best experience that we can, while balancing our obligations to others.

To develop the draft strategy, we have considered feedback received in the past, undertaken consultation with our community and reviewed our existing processes and systems.

Customer research for the strategy included a survey of 443 residents and a further 40 phone interviews with customers who had recent interactions with Council. The vision and promises reflect what they said was important to them when dealing with Council.

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