The first phase of community consultation will be used to develop of the next waste management strategy for Knox. Below is a high level summary of what the community told us; a link to the full report is provided at the bottom of the page.

Consultation ran from 15 August and 16 October 2022 and a total of 1,152 responses were received.

The pop-up and drop-in sessions consisted of short engagement questions about the changes to the future food and garden bin service, how we can support residents through the changes, and rankings for priorities when considering future waste services.

The online and hard copy survey focused on current and future waste services

  • rubbish
  • recycling
  • green waste
  • future food and garden bin service
  • hard waste
  • bundled branch/own container
  • future glass service

Community feedback

Key findings for the overall satisfaction of the current waste service in Knox

Meeting future needs

The introduction of the new food and garden bin service in 2023 was the focus of most of the face-to-face drop-in and pop-up sessions. It was also included in the topic of the future waste services in the survey.

The results for how people felt about the introduction of the new food and garden bin service indicated that:

45% of respondents indicated significant concerns about introducing the food and garden bin service due to additional waste needs.

Additional waste needs include:

  • children in nappies
  • medical needs
  • large households

Waste education opportunities

Respondents were also asked about the type of waste-specific topics they'd like to know more about. The areas included:

  • Detox your home events
  • Composting
  • Hard to recycle items

Next steps

Thank you to everyone for sharing your thoughts and ideas on the direction of the waste management plan. We will commence work to develop a draft plan based on your feedback. Once completed, future community consultation will take place.