Structure assets include bridges and major culverts that assist us in promoting connectivity across the city for vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians.

Over the next 10 years, we are projected to spend approximately $14 million to ensure that such elements are safe, compliant, and well maintained.

Replacement value is $14.4 million, representing 1.16% of our total assets.

Major future projects include:

  • 1000 steps shared path bridge renewal
  • Bridge renewal identified in latest Vicroads Level II bridge condition audit (LRCI proposed grant)
  • $100k/yr for roadside furniture renewal/replacement, entrance signs, bus stops, retaining walls, etc

Future challenges and opportunities

  • Increased Freight Task

    • Increased traffic and number of heavy vehicles on roads putting pressure on bridge assets.
    • Unauthorised loading of road bridges and major culverts can result in increased deterioration and risk.
  • Ageing Assets

    • Increased demand for timely asset renewal and upgrade as ageing assets begin to show increasing signs of deterioration, or non-compliance with newer design standards.
  • Climate Change

    • More frequent and intense storm events will pose an increased risk of damage to assets through: Falling trees, erosion and scouring around the foundations and approaches, cracking caused by ground movement.
    • Changes to flood levels resulting in increased risk.
  • Environmental Sustainability

    • Use of more sustainable materials in reconstruction of assets.