Our local roads and carparks enable movement of people, goods and services safely and efficiently within the Knox.

Roads and carpark assets are estimated at $383.3 million and include:

  • Roads 724.7 km
  • Kerb and channel 1,318.6 km
  • Carparks 244 spaces

We allocate budget towards maintenance and upgrades at a level that aims to keep pace with the deterioration of our road network.

Over the next 10 years, we forecast to spend around $173.6 million maintaining, upgrading, or replacing Knox's roads and carparking spaces.

Future challenges and opportunities

  • Changing Population

    • Projected increases in vehicle ownership.
    • Increases in number of people driving to work.
  • Sustainable Transport

    • Community demand for more accessible public transport
    • The need to accommodate electric vehicles (including charging station infrastructure) and driverless vehicles on the existing road network
  • Increased Freight Task

    • Increases in number of heavy vehicles and increased gross loadings leading to deterioration of the road network.
  • Climate Change

    • Increased risk to damage to assets through more intense and frequent storms.
    • Resiliency to be considered in the design and construction of assets.