Buildings and associated assets that support council services such as civic facilities, community halls, sporting pavilions, public toilets, pre-schools, youth and aged care facilities, etc.

  • Council owned buildings 244
  • Council maintained buildings 249

The value of our facility assets is $289.6 million, representing 23.4% of our total assets.

Our projections show that we will spend approximately $125 million on our buildings over the next 10 years.

Proposed future improvements and major projects

  • Multi-purpose facility at Rowville Recreation Reserve
  • New youth pavilion at the Knox Skate and BMX Park.
  • Pavilion refurbishments at Batterham Reserve
  • Delivery of modular changeroom facilities at Liberty Reserve and Seebeck Reserve Community Facility
  • Major upgrade at Carrington Park Community Facility
  • Commencement of major works at the Knox Regional Netball Centre

Future challenges and opportunities

  • Changing Population

    • Facilities will need to be adaptable to meet the evolving needs all users.
    • Demand for accessible facilities can be expected to increase.
  • Changing Needs

    • Increasing female participation in sports and the need to provide equitable services for all users.
    • Co-location of services within facilities.
    • Higher quality service provision within facilities.
  • Technology

    • Increased demand for technology enabled buildings is anticipated supporting access, security and services provided within facilities.
    • Demand for on-line and other innovative service delivery
    • Greater knowledge of asset utilisation
  • Climate Change

    • Risks due to more frequent and intense weather events and location of existing facilities.
    • Increased demand for Council to minimise its environmental impact.
    • Demand for smart, energy efficient buildings is anticipated.