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Share your thoughts on our draft Road Management Plan.

The draft plan is based on community feedback and reflects community expectations that we keep our local roads and footpaths well-maintained.

It is our plan for how we will continue to deliver a safe and efficient road network for everyone in our community.

The Road Management Plan sets out exactly how we will deliver and manage: 725km of local roads and 1,242km of footpaths for our 160,000+ residents and nearly 17,000 businesses.

It is a major task to keep all our local roads and footpath networks safe for all our residents, young and old, visitors and tourists, and operating efficiently for our local business community.

The Road Management Plan provides clarity to the community about the level of service provided in maintaining the road infrastructure assets that we manage. It commits us to an inspection and maintenance program and states how we will maintain defects and repairs on roadways, kerb and channel along local roads, and pathways. In addition to ensuring these assets are constructed in the right of way.

The purpose of the draft plan is to:

  • Provide a safe and efficient road network for use by all members of the public
  • Establish road asset management practices focused on delivering optimal outcomes, while having regard to affordability, based on policy and operational objectives and available resources
  • Set out the policies and procedures adopted by Council to achieve its road maintenance standards
  • Describe the inspection frequencies and condition standards for various assets

Yes, under the Victorian Road Management Act we are required to have a Road Management Plan. We are proposing to make amendments to our existing Road Management Plan and are reaching out for community feedback.

How to share your thoughts

  • Add your feedback online below
  • Post a written response (no stamp required) marked Road Management Plan to Asset Management, Knox City Council, Reply Paid 70243, Wantirna South VIC 3152
  • Email your feedback to

    Feedback closes on 20 March at 5.00pm.


    • Timeline item 1 - complete

      Engagement on draft strategy - February 2023

    • Timeline item 2 - complete

      Report back to community - April 2023

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