To better protect the unique character and green space of 33 Rowville properties, we are proposing to apply new planning scheme controls - Planning Scheme Amendment C189knox.

The proposed Amendment will maintain a consistent neighbourhood character that is highly valued in this local area. The properties included in this proposed Amendment, sit between 2 differing residential planning zones, and the Amendment proposes to balance the transition between the lot sizes.

We are inviting your thoughts on the proposed Amendment. Feedback closes on Tuesday, 9 August 2022 at 5:00pm.

Properties in the proposed Amendment

There are 33 Rowville properties included in the proposed Amendment:

  • 24-26 Taylors Lane
  • 26-58 Murray Crescent (even numbers only)
  • 42-70 Vista Crescent (even numbers only)
  • 5, 6A, 6B, 7 Fordham Court.

These properties have large size lots, and a backyard spine with open garden setting, providing a distinctive character and open space in the area.

About the proposed Amendment

The purpose of the proposed Amendment is to protect the unique character of these properties, and apply a new schedule to the Neighbourhood Residential Zone to moderate future development, respect local streetscape, and provide open space and landscaping.

The Amendment proposes to:

  • amend Clause 21.06-3 (Design and Character) by inserting a new strategy under Objective 4 to read:
    • 4.5 In Rowville support residential development that provides an appropriate transition to dwellings in the Low Density Residential Zone through the provision of large backyards for landscaping, tree planting and open space
  • rezone the affected land from the Neighbourhood Residential Zone Schedule 4 (NRZ4), to the Neighbourhood Residential Zone – Schedule 9 (NRZ9).

Ways to view the proposed Amendment

Have your say

This is your opportunity to share your thoughts on the proposed Amendment, including why you support or oppose it, and what changes you would like us to consider.

To share feedback, you can either:

  • Complete the below online form below
  • Post your feedback to: Attention: Submission to Amendment C189knox, City Strategy & Planning - City Futures Department, Knox City Council, Reply Paid 70243, WANTIRNA SOUTH VIC 3152
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