Project Update

We are planning to install some outdoor gym equipment as part of the next stage of our Peregrine Reserve upgrade and would love to get your thoughts on the type of equipment you'd like to see.

The equipment will be located on the western end of the reserve along with the future Junior BMX Track.

There are two options we are looking at:

  1. A single mixed station that both challenges and engages a range of ages, supporting the development of both upper body and lower body strength and conditioning.
  2. A series of small fitness stations spread along the walking track, each focusing on a different aspect of fitness.

To help you decide, refer to the proposed outdoor gym equipment stations and pods shown below. They are located in a number of reserves within Knox and are designed to engage different age groups and encourage people to stay fit and healthy, as well as becoming a social space.

Please leave us your thoughts by 16 May 2021.

Quick Poll

What type of outdoor gym equipment would you like to see at Peregrine Reserve?

(As a guide please refer to the example images shown below.)

This poll has concluded.

One mixed fitness station
35% (6 votes)
Multiple fitness pods located along the walking track
65% (11 votes)
Total Votes: 17

Example Mixed Fitness Station

Example of Fitness Pods

Is there something missing from the above options that you would like to see installed at the reserve?

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