Located in this precinct is Bateman Street Bushland, one of the largest and most intact areas of endangered Valley Healthy Forest in Melbourne. This Bushland and Winton Wetlands are important areas for wildlife. A corridor of land has been set aside by VicRoads for a possible road extension to connect Healesville Freeway to EastLink. This results in two scenarios for this precinct; a road scenario and no-road scenario. If VicRoads proceeds with the road extension, careful planning is required to protect wildlife from traffic.

Our draft Knox Green Areas and Rural Strategy aims to provide an integrated open space and parkland corridor. Key focuses include protecting and enhancing native vegetation, wildlife connectivity, and waterway health. If the Healesville Freeway extension proceeds, the planning and construction will be sensitive and responsible to the local area, and support water and habitat enhancements.

Objectives for this precinct have been grouped into the following 3 themes:

  • Ecology objectives support the protection of biodiversity and wildlife connectivity
  • Landscape and character objectives support projecting local character and landscape values
  • Land use and access objectives support land uses that are consistent with the values and functions of the precinct

Key initiatives for these objectives include:

  • Ecology:
    • Protecting the Bateman Street Bushland and Winton Wetlands
    • Minimising the risk of wildlife exposure to vehicular traffic, if the freeway extension proceeds
  • Landscape and Character:
    • Reviewing the places of heritage significance to make sure they are protected
  • Land Use and Access:
    • Comprehensive planning to expand and upgrade existing open space, improve access and connectivity for cars, walkers and cyclists

Further information is available in the Precinct 4 Factsheet and draft Green Areas and Rural Strategy.