The precinct contains a large green corridor along the Dandenong Creek which is home to a range of wildlife species. Large floodplain wetlands and open space areas help manage flooding, water flows and water quality. This region also contains areas of Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Sensitivity along the creeks and includes a number of Aboriginal sites including artefact scatter and scarred trees.

Our community can enjoy and explore the network of parklands, trails, sport and recreation facilities. Other land usages in this precinct includes horticulture, fresh produce markets, horse and cattle grazing.

Our draft Knox Green Areas and Rural Strategy aims to protect this precinct’s distinct natural character, and biodiversity values, while realising its recreational and tourism potential.

Precinct 3a contains publicly owned wetlands with an important environmental and stormwater management role. While these areas were not included in the background analysis, they have been included in the Strategy as an extension to precinct 3.

Objectives for this precinct have been grouped into the following 3 themes:

  • Ecology objectives support the protection of biodiversity, wildlife connectivity and waterway health
  • Landscape and character objectives support protecting heritage and landscape values
  • Land use and access objectives support land uses that are consistent with the values and functions of the precinct

Key initiatives for these objectives include:

  • Ecology:
    • Protecting and enhancing the Dandenong Creek as a key wildlife corridor
    • Habitat restoration and connectivity along Blind Creek
    • Protecting floodplains and wetlands
  • Landscape and Character:
    • Protecting the vegetation, rural character and panoramic views
    • Reviewing the places of heritage significance to ensure they are protected
  • Land Use and Access:
    • Support tourism, agri-tourism, urban agriculture, recreation and cafes
    • Support community business and partnerships with the community
    • New trails, shared paths, and improvements to roads

Further information is available in the Precinct 3 & 3a Factsheet and draft Green Areas and Rural Strategy.