This precinct is known for its open pastoral land, and agricultural activities such as grazing, hobby farming and horse agistment. Our community can enjoy stunning landscape views from Glenfern Road and Lysterfield Road, and travel on the well-connected roads in the area. There are opportunities for small-scale, rural based businesses and more agriculture.

Our draft Knox Green Areas and Rural Strategy aims to protect this precinct’s distinct natural and pastoral character, biodiversity and wildlife connectivity values.

Objectives for this precinct have been grouped into the following 3 themes:

  • Ecology objectives support the protection of biodiversity, wildlife connectivity and waterway health
  • Landscape and character objectives support protecting heritage and landscape values
  • Land use and access objectives support land uses that are consistent with the values and functions of the precinct

Key initiatives for these objectives include:

  • Ecology:
    • Protect the floodplains of Monbulk Creek from development and level change, to maintain their flood storage and prevent flooding downstream.
    • Enhance habitat values within the Monbulk Creek buffer zone
    • Support landholders to ensure agricultural activities do not damage habitat values
  • Landscape and Character:
    • Protect the rural character and open views towards Lysterfield Hills
    • Review the places of heritage significance to ensure adequate protection is in place
  • Land Use and Access:
    • Support agriculture in Mobulk Creek valley
    • Support tourism, agri-tourism, restaurant and café uses that are accompanied by agriculture or natural systems
    • Maintain the current zoning and subdivision size requirements

Further information is available in the the Precinct 2a Factsheet and draft Green Areas and Rural Strategy.