This precinct contains vast native vegetation and wildlife habitat areas, including Dandenong and Dobsons Creek. The good soil quality presents opportunities for agriculture and rural based businesses. Our community visits this precinct for the beautiful parks, and to explore the area by the walking and cycling trails.

Our draft Knox Green Areas and Rural Strategy aims to protect this precinct as an ecologically significant area. Priorities include conservation and enhancement of the precinct’s biodiversity, waterways and landscape values.

The Strategy will also support land use such as sustainable agriculture, rural living, recreation and community uses to enhance and complement the precinct.

Objectives for this precinct have been grouped into the following 3 themes:

  • Ecology objectives support the protection of biodiversity, wildlife connectivity and waterway health
  • Landscape and character objectives support protecting heritage and landscape values
  • Land use and access objectives support land uses that are consistent with the values and functions of the precinct

Key initiatives for these objectives include:

  • Ecology:
    • Reviewing the planning controls to enhance native vegetation and habitat protection
    • Supporting a Water Sensitive Urban Design approach in new development and infrastructure
  • Landscape and Character:
    • Protecting the integrity of the Dobsons Creek valley, and key views from Mountain Highway to the Dandenong Foothills
    • Protecting heritage sites and areas of Aboriginal heritage sensitivity
  • Land Use and Access:
    • Protecting the precinct from more intense urban development
    • Preventing inappropriate development, subdivision, and land use that would compromise the environmental, landscape and agricultural values of this precinct
    • Enhancing The Basin Neighbourhood Activity Centre through a potential master planning process
    • Upgrading Sheffield Road and Doongalla Road to provide for safer movement of pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders
    • Upgrading Liverpool Road to improve pedestrian and cyclist movement and safety

Further information is available in the Precinct 1 Factsheet and draft Green Areas and Rural Strategy