Having the opportunity to have a say and be listened to tells us we are valued. It gives us a sense of ownership of processes and outcomes and adds to our sense of feeling that we are part of our community.

Community engagement values and acknowledges the skills, views and expertise in the community. This leads to strengthened local democracy, better community outcomes and an increase in community trust.

Knox City Council is committed to effective, fit for purpose and open community engagement and our Community Engagement Policy defines our approach and provides principles of good engagement practice.

Since developing the current Community Engagement Policy and Framework, Council has delivered over 100 consultations planning for the future of our services and our Council Plan. It is time to review the Community Engagement Policy to respond to changing community expectations.

Across November 2023 the community provided feedback on their experiences and expectations when participating in Council consultation activities to ensure the Policy continues to reflect the community’s expectations. Consultation closed on 23 November 2023 and we will share a summary of your feedback.

This feedback will be used to draft the new Policy, we will share a draft for feedback in early 2024.