One key aspect to tackling climate change involves transitioning to renewable energy. Renewable energy sources like solar, are increasingly being used to generate electricity in Victoria.

Over the years, we have been offering the Solar Savers program to help Knox residents install solar panels on their rooftop. Another way to reduce our reliance on gas includes switching gas appliances to electric alternatives.

Proposed actions for renewable energy in the Climate Response Plan:

Solar for rentals

Rental properties in Knox make up approximately 16.9% of housing in Knox, this presents an opportunity to specifically support solar installation on these properties. This program is focused on facilitating split incentives for landlords and renters, which simply means, making it a win-win for everyone.

We plan to do this by;

  • Working with solar installation companies and real estate agents to devise schemes that provide financial mechanisms for landlords to install solar on rental properties for the benefit of both tenants and landlords.

Landfill solar farm

The preliminary findings of a recent feasibility study show that that Knox has a suitable site for a 4.99MW solar farm. If constructed, this solar farm would generate energy equivalent to 2.5 times Council’s energy demand.

We plan to do this by:

  • Investigating enterprise models for the funding, construction and operation of a solar farm.