The industrial sector accounts for 50% of the total emissions in Knox. There is a lot of opportunity for us to work closely with businesses and industry to effectively drive emissions down, and future proof themselves from rising energy costs.

Proposed actions for industry and business in the Climate Response Plan:

We will support businesses and industry to achieve emissions reductions through energy efficient technology, degasification and renewable energy. This support will be delivered through working groups with businesses and key industry bodies and research bodies.

We plan to do this by:

  • Implementing working groups to focus on a specific set of interventions to address the challenges discussed by key stakeholders around alternative technologies, Power Purchase Agreements, energy efficiency and degasification; and
  • Deliver 1 on 1 workshops on renewable energy Power Purchase Agreements for industrial organisations with large electricity demand.

Working Groups

These working groups may also draw in expertise from the research or sustainability sectors for advice and support. The focus will be on teasing out the specific challenges and opportunities faced by this sector and tailoring effective and lasting solutions.


We want to help educate industrial stakeholders about their options to purchase renewable power, increasing sector awareness and building capacity. There is also an opportunity to include information on other funding mechanisms such as Environmental Upgrade Agreements and Energy Performance Contracts to create a deeper understanding of these aspects for industrial stakeholders.