Community engagement activtities for the Carrington Park Seniors Exercise Park was undertaken throughout November 2022.

Community Feedback

The purpose of community consultation was to seek feedback from those that use the exercise park. Participants were given the opportunity share their experiences using this park so that we can identify what improvements can be made and to help increase the number of seniors using it.

Survey participants were:

Most users of the exercise park were:

Community members were also asked to provide suggestions on how to improve the SEP at Carrington Park (and for future SEPs). The main suggestions were:

Community members were also asked to share the impact using the equipment was having on their life.

Responses revealed themes of perceived increase in confidence and strength; anticipation of improvements to health and social connections and positivity towards the senior specific equipment.

A number of respondents comments have been included to demonstrate this:

  • “The equipment is aimed at seniors to use so it is perfect for us. I felt like I had more energy after I used the equipment.”
  • “It's great to discover an outdoor facility like this - I think it will help me improve my physical health and make more social connections.”
  • “I am almost 80 years old, it gets me out of the house, I can use the equipment on my own, I can walk around the oval following exercise, something to look forward to.”
  • “I am meeting like-minded people. Improving my strength and balance.”

Next Steps

Thank you to the community for sharing their thoughts and experiences of the Carrington Seniors Exercise Park. The feedback has contributed to our understanding of how the park is being used, as well as provided suggestions for improvements which we will incorporate into our planning.