We have identified a total of 32 opportunities, organised into 6 key themes for community feedback. View the Issues and Opportunities Paper, or Summary document for further information.

Housing and residential development opportunities

Bayswater’s population is growing, and we have identified opportunities to increase housing and dwelling diversity to meet community needs.

Opportunities for your feedback are:

  1. Promote the Bayswater Activity Centre as a place to live, work and visit by encouraging more residential and mixed used development within the commercial core
  2. Increase the supply of medium and higher density housing on large redevelopment sites within the Activity Centre
  3. Explore policies to facilitate more diverse housing choices that cater for a broad range of community and demographic needs and preferences
  4. Focus new residential and mixed used developments on sites close to the Bayswater Train station and on Council-owned land.

Business and economic development opportunities

Bayswater is a hub for business and employment. We have identified opportunities to attract more commercial and economic investment into the area.

Opportunities for your feedback are:

5. Integrate and connect the Bayswater Activity Centre with the adjoining Business Precinct
6. Explore ways to encourage new office and commercial uses that complement existing businesses and diversify the local service offering
7. Establish a clear identity and role for the Bayswater Activity Centre that builds on its existing strengths
8. Investigate initiatives and programs to foster an inclusive night-time economy
9. Maintain and increase commercial floorspace in the Bayswater Activity Centre.

Environment, sustainability, climate change opportunities

Responding to climate change is important for the health and wellbeing of our community. We have identified opportunities that support our climate target of reaching net zero emissions and promote sustainable development principles.

Opportunities for your feedback are:

10. Promote the role of Council in championing best practice Environmentally Sensitive Design
11. Reduce the impacts of urban heat through initiatives such as canopy tree planting, use of reflective building materials and permeable surfaces
12. Revitalise habitat along the Dandenong Creek through re-vegetation, tree planting and improvements to pedestrian connections
13. Embed sustainable design principles into all aspects of Council’s decision making in Bayswater
14. Improve waste management practices throughout the Bayswater Activity Centre to reduce landfill waste and increase recycling.

Urban design and built form opportunities

Bayswater has benefited from major revitalisation projects. We have identified new opportunities to revitalise existing public spaces and further develop residential and commercial spaces in the centre.

Opportunities for your feedback are:

15. Review planning policies to ensure that new development meets community values and expectations
16. Redevelop under-utilised spaces for new housing, employment and community uses
17. Explore a range of place making initiatives to promote the arts, celebrate local culture and build community identity
18. Re-imagine Penguin Place as the new town centre for Bayswater
19. Increase outdoor dining and eating spaces
20. Improve access and connectivity to existing parks and open spaces
21. Protect and enhance existing cultural heritage
22. Develop guidelines to promote high quality building and design practices.

Transport and movement opportunities

Moving around efficiently in Bayswater is important for locals and visitors. We have identified opportunities to improve connectivity and transportation in the area.

Opportunities for your feedback are:

23. Improve the network of pedestrian and cycling paths within and around the Bayswater Activity centre
24. Improve connectivity to key destinations such as the Marie Wallace Bayswater Park and the Bayswater Business Precinct
25. Consider changing travel patterns and whether the centre needs more car parking in the future
26. Review existing car parking to identify surplus land, and consider installation of electric vehicle charging points
27. Review existing bus routes and services to ensure public transport services reflect community needs
28. Explore initiatives to improve safety, connectivity and accessibility for pedestrians across Mountain Highway (pictured below).

Artist impression of pedestrians walking across Mountain Highway.

Community infrastructure opportunities

Community infrastructure supports a vibrant and connected community. We have identified opportunities to enhance community infrastructure to meet the evolving and diverse needs of residents.

Opportunities for your feedback are:

29. Consider the potential development of a new multipurpose community hub with flexible spaces for diverse activities and programs
30. Recognise and celebrate indigenous heritage of First Nations people and engage with local elders
31. Consider opportunities for a cultural-led renewal that builds on existing arts programs and explore opportunities at the Knox Community Arts Centre
32. Integrate child, youth and seniors-friendly spaces that are suitable for all abilities into new public buildings and spaces